Handmade by Craftsmen in Tuscany

Your terracotta pot from Vaso Toscano has been made by hand in the traditional way by craftsmen working in the family run kiln dating back to the 1600s. There is often only one mould for a particular design, therefore production is a slow process and low numbers of pots are produced to order.

These beautiful and unique handmade pots are made to last more than a lifetime.  Over time your beautiful terracotta pot will take on its’ own naturally weathered patina.

The chemical composition of the fine Tuscan soil which is used to make the terracotta clay and the extremely high temperature used in the firing process means our pots can withstand tough winters and baking summers, providing we take some simple measures. 

The key to the pot's longevity is good drainage...

We recommend that you place your pot onto risers or pot feet, this allows for drainage and for air circulation, we would do this for both planted pots and empty pots and especially during the winter. Drainage is very important as it will let excess water drain away, always keep the drainage holes clear.

Do not attempt to move frozen pots as they might be stuck solid to the ground, leave them to defrost naturally. Never attempt to defrost with boiling water.