Vaso Liscio in 5 Sizes

Vaso Liscio in 5 Sizes

from 95.00

Beautiful classic Italian design, Vaso Firenze compliments most types of planting styles from small quarter standard trees to luscious succulents. This traditional shape makes re-potting simple. Choose this for all your small decorative planting, this pot is an ideal special present for your gardening friends, totally handmade from fine Tuscan clay, it will take on it's own weathered patina it time. This pot, like all our other pots comes with a geotextile membrane,  handmade terracotta risers and a Vaso Toscano care note.

50 Liscio Diameter 50cm (Internal 45cm) Height 40cm. Wgt 17kg - £95

60 Liscio Dialmeter 56cm (Internal 50cm) Height 45cm Wgt 24kg - £ 150

70 Liscio Diameter 68cm (Internal 60cm) Height 54cm Wgt 32kg - £ 195

80 Liscio Diameter 80cm (Internal 70cm) Height 63cm Wgt 53kg - £ 275

90 Liscio Diameter 103cm (Internal 93cm) Height 86cm Wgt 96kg - £ 695

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